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By: info | February 19, 2016

Instamate is currently the only web-based software application that allows you to monetize, schedule, modify, discover, and upload viral videos and other content to Instagram. It enables you to increase the natural reach of your uploads tenfold, possibly gaining you countless totally valid views. At the time of writing there were around 400 million active users on Instagram.


There are a great deal of individuals on Instagram. Hundreds of millions of users share more than 70 million images each day. In addition, nearly all of the best brands in the world are featured on this platform. Much more significantly, the engagement rate of Instagram surpasses the engagement rate on Facebook by more than 58 time and is a massive 128 times greater than Twitter's rate. Instagram is an essential tool that can help businesses discover new consumers.

Still, why are numerous marketeers missing out on the Instagram possibilities?

Here are a few possible factors:

1. Instagram is an application, manipulated via your mobile phone. If you want to set up content, you can refrain from doing it from your computer system.

2. Arranging posts for the future is a very manual treatment, considering that even the iPhone app doesn't let you automate it.

3. If you are dealing with more than one account, it is tough to handle each of them.

4. The tedious work needed to discover the most popular hashtags and the trending subjects.

5. In order to figure out what works and what does not work, trial and error is your only choice.

Instamate makes these concerns a distant memory. This software application will look for trending content virtually right away. All that is needed is for you to enter the hashtags, niche or keywords. Instamate will then automatically seek the content that has gone viral and is about to go viral in the near future, so you can post it at a moment's notice.

With Instamate you can also edit the material with its incorporated editor. It publishes the most popular hashtags from your location of interest, getting the info from Instagram and Twitter. Once you have your material gathered, it is the work of a single click to set up and publish your material onto as many accounts of Instagram as you handle. Because of its simpleness, you can work out a plan of action and let the app become your autopilot. You can keep your money in your pocket and earn more as a result.

Gone are the days of you needing to modify your images on 3rd party apps and publish them to your mobile phone, and even set your alarm pointers to set up posts. This app works 24/7 in order to publish content that is the most viral on the internet for you.



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